Acquire an instrument

A selection of highly ranked instruments.

We work with each client individually to find the perfect instrument that suits them the best, whether they are a professional a musician or a beginner.

Please contact us for further information or to set-up an appointment.

New creation / Custom Oud

Fulfill your dream of owning and playing a luxury Oud.

Giving value to every detail and individual client requirements.

Starting with a concept, drawing, choosing rare materials, giving a complex and meticulous attention to each detail.

Ensuring that every master piece has an identity of its own.

Always faithful to tradition and to more creativity

The limited volume of production gives every Oud a personal character and a true feeling of exclusivity.

FINE OUDS creates an atmosphere in which clients are approached with sensitivity, transparency and discretion.

Restauration and repair

Bringing an instrument back to life

FINE OUDS provides restoration and repair work at the highest level of expertise to keep your instrument in optimum conditions.

We restore the instrument to its full integrity and carefully preserve all the original intentions of its creator.

Our extensive knowledge of instruments, repair and restoration techniques allows us to assess the tonal quality of string instruments.

We will happily discuss the process with you and give you an assessment of the costs and time required.

Please contact us for further information or to arrange an appointment.

Valuation & Certification

Find out the value of your Oud

We are happy to offer verbal or written valuations for your instrument, either for general interest or insurance purposes.

A certificate is issued guaranteeing the authenticity and provenance of your instrument. This document includes a detailed description, the materials, measurements, photographs and detailed notes on past repair works. It is signed by our expert and is assigned an individual registration number.

Providing any relevant history of the instrument, including the purchase price if known is very helpful.

We recommend you to update the valuation and certification process every 3 years.

For written valuation, our fee is 180 Euros.

An appointment is required.


A professional set-up will improve the sound & playability to make every instrument perform to its finest. Each Oud is different, and the unique requirements of the musician are important.


FINE OUDS offers a selection of high quality accessories to obtain the best results.